Consultancy & Media

Sarah consults on a number of issues and with a number of different organisations.

Educational Consultant – Cognitive Uplift Programme (2016-present)
Sarah created the Cognitive Uplift Programme - a ground breaking intervention which takes scientifically proven methods, used in the rehabilitation of people with severe cognitive impairment caused by neurological disease or injury, and applies them to children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, to enable pupils to learn more effectively and attain higher grades at GCSE and A'level.

School Governor, Belmont Preparatory School, Dorking (2016 – present)
Sarah is a Governor at an independent co-educational preparatory school in Surrey which takes pupils from the ages of 2 to 13. The school is a charitable trust, administered by an independent Board of Governors. Sarah serves on the Educational sub-committee as well as the main Board.

Aviation Psychology Consultant - British Psychological Society (2016-present)
Sarah is currently working with a group of international experts, commissioned by the Professional Practice Board (PPB) of the British Psychological Society, to produce a Society Position Paper on Aviation Psychology: Pilot mental health and Wellbeing.
The Position Paper reviews the incidence and causes of mental health issues in pilots, the current process by which performance, wellbeing and mental health of pilots is monitored over time and makes recommendations for how this could be improved.

Scientific Advisor UCAIR (UK ATI Cabin Air) consortium (2016 to present)

Scientific Advisor to the UCAIR (UK ATI Cabin Air) consortium & member of the External Stakeholder Board (ESB), which includes representatives from airlines, certification authorities, medicine and other experts. The purpose of the ESB is to provide consultation and feedback on the project’s progress and results in order to ensure that project is steered in the right direction. UCAIR is a government funded project that aims to improve aircraft cabin air quality and reduce operational costs. 

HCCA to the Army Medical Directorate (Ministry of Defence 2008-present)
Sarah is an Honorary Civilian Consultant Advisor (HCCA) in Clinical Psychology to the Director General, Army Medical Services.

Guest Editor for the Neuroscience Journal Cortex (2014-2016)
Appointed guest editor of the high impact neuroscience journal ‘Cortex’ to put together a special edition on neurotoxicology featuring articles written by experts from all over the world, to raise awareness amongst Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Neuropsychologists and other professionals of the range of situations in which individuals may be exposed to toxic substances and the neuropsychiatric problems that may ensue.

Scientific Advisor - SHAPE study (2001-2003)
Sarah was appointed scientific advisor to the SHAPE study, a survey of 1000+ sheep farmers focussing on the potential health effects of exposure to organophosphates during sheep "dipping". This study was undertaken by a team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Expert Evidence
Sarah has given expert evidence to a number of committees and organisations such as the Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) and the House of Lords Scientific & Technology Committee. She also undertakes medico-legal work both in the UK and the USA.

Media / Press
Sarah has given numerous radio interviews concerning her work and has appeared on several news programmes both in the UK and USA. She has given several interviews concerning her findings with regard to commercial airline pilots who report ill health following exposure to contaminated air; and there have been numerous press articles on this issue over the last 2 years which quote her work. Sarah has appeared in a number of documentaries concerning this issue such as Panorama (March 2008); Inside Out (2008) and she appears in a documentary called 'Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines' produced by Fact Not Fiction Films, (2008).